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The Benefits of Curcumin for Brain Health

Updated on March 24, 2023

Article Summary:

  • Curcumin supports health naturally and carries few side effects.
  • Patients should find a curcumin supplement designed for high bioavailability, allowing the body to absorb the molecules where and when it can derive the greatest benefit.

This remarkable compound supports the body’s natural inflammatory response and has been used medicinally for thousands of years.* Biologists have investigated curcumin for its numerous bioactive effects. Curcumin supports health naturally and carries few side effects. Thanks to its impact on inflammatory response, immune cells, and the body’s response to stress, using curcumin for brain health sets patients up for success.

Neurodegeneration has many causes, but over the long term, oxidative stress is one of the most significant that curcumin can address. Oxidative stress is a kind of chronic cellular damage that occurs when highly reactive byproducts of normal metabolic processes—or environmental effects which are damaging to cells—are let loose inside of cells. These byproducts, called reactive oxygen species (ROS), cause damage to cellular machinery and DNA by blocking the action of other biological molecules necessary to sustain cellular life.

Curcumin is especially effective at “scavenging” reactive oxygen species, which keeps them from causing damage to cells.* 

Molecules like curcumin that are effective at removing ROS from circulation are called anti-oxidants. In a review conducted by Dr. Ramassamy at the University of Laval in Quebec, curcumin was identified as a particularly effective anti-oxidant capable of staving off neuronal death compared to other organic molecules of its type. Furthermore, Dr. Ramassamy states that curcumin’s ability to modulate the gene expression of immune cells—thereby altering their ability to upregulate inflammatory responses—makes it a worthwhile area for future research into alternative therapies for brain health and cognitive function.*

There is a catch when it comes to maintaining a normal inflammatory response in the brain via curcumin’s immune regulatory actions. If curcumin acts on the genes of immune cells, the changes curcumin induces will be delayed. The immune cells will need time to adjust their cellular machinery to reflect the changes that the chemical caused to their genes. In other words, patients won’t get instant relief, and patients who are currently suffering from memory deficits or cognitive issues might have to take curcumin for a sustained period of time before they realize any benefits. But, this delayed and indirect mechanism to address the brain’s inflammatory response is only one of curcumin’s benefits for brain health.

The benefits of curcumin for brain health are promising. Research presents a compelling account of curcumin’s benefits for brain health. Although it isn’t reasonable for patients to expect the exact results experienced by the mice, patients who supplement their diet with curcumin might have an edge when it comes to defending against cognitive decline.

Using Curcumin for Brain Health

Based on the strength of animal studies, researchers recommend further investigations into curcumin for brain health. In a recently published editorial, a multi-national group of researchers has lauded curcumin as one of the most promising brain health supplements

Duration of supplementation is not the only concern for patients considering curcumin supplementation. Curcumin can be difficult for the body to absorb, and if it isn’t well-absorbed, the body can’t use it. Patients can’t take just any curcumin supplement and expect to derive protective benefits. Instead, patients must find a curcumin supplement designed for high bioavailability, allowing the body to absorb the molecules where and when it can derive the greatest benefit. These supplements should ideally contain variations of curcumin known to be more bioavailable, such as tetrahydrocurcumin. Should patients find the right supplement and use it consistently, they might be able to protect themselves from the onset of aging-related cognitive decline.

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