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August 31, 2023
Berberine Is Not an Appetite Suppressant

Article Summary: Berberine is a natural constituent of a variety of plants, such as goldenseal, Oregon grape, European barberry, and tree turmeric. A very bitter-tasting substance, it is usually found in the roots, rhizomes, stems, and bark of these plants. Berberine is quite well-known to aid in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels in people with […]

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January 31, 2019
Natural Blood Sugar Regulation Support

Learn more about how curcumin supports immune functions and why you should use a curcumin supplement for optimal support.

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September 13, 2018
Insulin Resistance: Examining the Benefits of Berberine Supplementation

Although most individuals understand the link between insulin utilization and diabetes, few recognize the risks and symptoms of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can lead to having a chronically high blood sugar level, which is a contributing factor to developing type II diabetes. Before it develops into diabetes, insulin resistance is correlated with symptoms like brain fog, confusion, dysexecutive syndrome, sleepiness, excessive hunger, thirst, and weight gain.

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August 23, 2018
Diabetes: Examining the Benefits of Berberine Supplementation

Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes means far more than dealing with a single medical condition. Individuals with type 2 diabetes contend with a broad spectrum of health concerns, ranging from blood sugar maintenance to weight management to diabetic neuropathy. 

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