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June 12, 2018
Curcumin for Mild Cognitive Dysfunction: A Natural Alternative for Symptom Relief

Brain fog: whether you’re experiencing it yourself or interacting with someone who is, it can be a frightening symptom. More formally known as mild cognitive dysfunction or mild cognitive impairment, brain fog is characterized by forgetfulness, trouble focusing, mental fatigue, sudden mind blanks, difficulty finding the right words when communicating, and a tendency toward “spacing out.” Additionally, brain fog is associated as a side effect of certain prescription medications.

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May 31, 2018
Alternative Allergy Remedies: Exploring Antioxidant Supplements

For patients who suffer from allergies, it can often feel like the therapeutic options are severely limited. The most commonly used pharmacological therapies—including antihistamines, corticosteroids, mast cell stabilizers, and decongestants—are not effective for all patients, and they can often result in side effects that disrupt everyday quality of life. After years of frustration with oral antihistamines, nasal sprays, eye drops, inhaled corticosteroids, and other over-the-counter and prescription drugs, many patients are ready to explore alternative therapies to pharmacologics.

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May 22, 2018
Autism Supplements for Stimming: Promising Options

For parents of autistic children, there are few symptoms that can cause as much day-to-day concern as stimming. Stimming—which is more formally discussed in scientific circles as self-stimulation or stereotypic, repetitive behavior—can be frustrating and concerning for parents who find themselves unable to get through to a child who is rocking, flapping, spinning, or repeating the same sets of words, over and over

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May 17, 2018
Glutathione Supplements for Parkinson’s — An Overview of Emerging Research

Does glutathione help Parkinson’s disease? That was the question posed by experts from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in a 2008 review paper. By the time of the study, the data supporting a potential role for glutathione supplements as an alternative therapy in Parkinson’s disease had been mounting for almost two decades, piquing the interest of researchers, patients, and practitioners alike.

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May 10, 2018
Natural Inflammation Support Opens Up Possibilities for Enhancing Outcomes

Systemic inflammation is detrimental to many of the body’s tissues and is implicated in countless diseases and health conditions ranging from the common flu to cancer. Emerging research is even linking systemic inflammation to unlikely conditions such as mood disorders and mild anxiety, expanding our understanding of the dangers posed by this circumstance.

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May 8, 2018
Autism in Patients With Propionic Acidemia: The Link

As rates of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis continue to rise, the investigation into the potential causes of autism has intensified within the scientific community. As a result of these investigations, autism is currently understood to result from complex interactions between genetic and environmental variables. Now, research indicating that ASD might be caused by propionic acidemia (PA), an uncommon metabolic disorder, might give us even greater etiological insight.

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May 3, 2018
Addressing Autism and Sleep Problems

Updated on February 14, 2023 If you are the parent of a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who displays aggressive behaviors, then you’re not alone: estimates indicate that one in four children diagnosed with autism fall within the clinical range on commonly-used aggressive behavior scales, and this symptom is the primary cause of residential […]

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May 1, 2018
What the Evidence Tells Us About Brain Health Supplements for Alzheimer's Disease

Updated on February 2, 2023 As our population ages, Alzheimer’s disease is becoming increasingly prevalent in the United States and around the world. Unfortunately, the complexity of multifactorial symptoms means that an effective therapy remains elusive; at present, there is no pharmacological therapy that is proven to halt the neurodegenerative effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Nonetheless, […]

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April 26, 2018
The Potential of Butyric Acid as an Alternative Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Updated on February 8, 2023 Parkinson’s disease, which affects more than 10 million individuals worldwide, extracts a terrible toll on patients and caregivers alike. Throughout the course of the disease, patients’ fundamental motor skills deteriorate in an all-too-familiar march toward incapacitation. Meanwhile, patients experience a debilitating array of cognitive problems that mirror dementia as the […]

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April 24, 2018
Alcohol Dehydrogenase: Using Curcumin to Support Liver Health

Updated on February 8, 2023 For a growing proportion of Americans, liver damage is a frightening prospect. The liver plays an important role in metabolism and detoxification, and patients with liver damage face debilitating symptoms and a significantly higher risk of death from liver failure. The increasing prevalence of liver damage is driven in part […]

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